Office of Trademarks and Licensing

Maintaining the integrity of the University of Maryland’s marks, names, logos and symbols is essential to protecting its brand and reputation. The Office of Trademarks and Licensing, based in the Office of Strategic Communications, works to manage, protect and promote the use of these assets by ensuring that they are used properly.

The Office of Trademark and Licensing is responsible for the use of the University of Maryland’s marks, logos, names, brands, and symbols on products and services; licensing agreements, sponsorships; and enforcement of the brand.

Prior written permission is needed from Trademark & Licensing for use of the university name or marks. This applies to student groups and organizations, alumni network that wish to make use of the University name in conjunction with their group or activities, or those groups desiring use of the university’s marks. See Policies for Use of University of Marks for more information and exemptions. The Office of Trademarks and Licensing practices are established to protect the value of the University of Maryland brand and reputation.

Contact Information

Director of Trademark Licensing
2101 Turner Hall
College Park, MD 20742