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Finding a Licensed Vendor

All product bearing any university logos and/or names must be produced by a University of Maryland-licensed vendor.

How to order branded products for your department:

  1. Choose a Licensed Vendor. For more information view the links in the below section 'Finding a Licensed Vendor'
  2. Develop Your Design. Work with a licensed vendor to create the design for you merchandise. View our Logo and Brand Standards Page →
  3. Get your Design Approved. Your licensed vendor should submit the artwork to the University of Maryland Trademarks and Licensing office for approval. If needed, the University of Maryland Trademarks and Licensing team will communicate to the licensed vendor any changes that need to be made to artwork.
  4. Submit a Royalty Waiver Form. If you are looking to get royalties waived on you order, you or the licensed vendor will need to submit a Royalty Waiver Form to Trademarks and Licensing for approval. * Please see above section on royalties


Campus units, student organizations and University-affiliated entities may seek an exemption from the royalty payment only by submitting a Royalty Waiver Form that is approved by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing. University-branded items that may be considered for exemption include those produced only for internal department use (i.e. department-branded apparel or awards) or items that include a University, department, student organization or event logo and are given away in connection with a specific University, department or student organization-sponsored programs or event. Official UMD athletic uniforms and gear are exempt from royalties.

Items that are royalty bearing are items that do not bear a university department logo or event specific logo. Any items that is being sold or is being used for fundraising purposed. Or any items that bears a sponsors logos (sponsored items are subject to a 17% royalty).